Have us call you and call back in 3 steps

Picking Upnext step

a ringing phone
  • Your telephone rings and the number 040/69 63 51 546 shows in the display. This is a request for a telephone call from a correctional facility.

Acceptingnext step

a hand that presses the 1 button to accept a call
  • You are requested to accept the call
  • Subsequently press 1 to accept the call and follow the instructions. The connection is automatically cut off after the instructions.
  • Press 3 to reject the call, the connection is immediately automatically broken.

Call 0900/50 20 300ok

woman on phone
  • Call 0900/50 20 300 within 60 seconds from the telephone which you received the call on.
  • You are automatically connected with the person who has requested the call from the correctional facility.


Mobile phoneLandline
de€0.69 p/min